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Burton’s got some new tees up, this one is part of their premium tee
range. Apparently these premium tees are made of pima cotton,
which is pretty f’in good cotton. I’m surprised actually because
usually this high of quality gets kind of metroish, but specs anyway.
Graphics are really clean on this one, and a couple others.
Mike Ward had a few nice featured pieces as well, go check em out.
Burton Site


Everything about these tees and this collaboration I’m liking. Find out more

here at the Alpine Stars site.

Haha, LRG is not afraid to push the envelope a bit and give featured

artist Pose one from Chicago free reign on this design. According to

LRG these designs are extremely limited so get your hands on one quick

and throw out a big F U to everyone you pass by on the streets.



This new design by Maxx 242 is my favorite of the exhibitioners from the 

Back in Black show. For more info on the show and who exhibited check

out There was a ton of talented artists in

the show. Everyone from Hydro74, Godmachine, and even Og Abel

contributed work. But even amongst such a strong cast I think Maxx’s

piece was the dopest. What more can you ask for on a t-shirt, this has

everything and yet fits together so perfect. Nice work Maxx, keep it up.