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Circa made a nice debut with these AL50’s. These low top

denim inspired kicks would be clean with some jeans this

summer. These really have a clean cut Vans feel to them, so

if you don’t wanna rock the same Vans everyone else is pushin,

I’d switch it up with these. Hit up their site to check out some

of the other color ways. Dope design by Adrian Lopez, nice

work kid.


EldridgeOneEyedJack          MurphyGreetings          GearsBoard       Tyson

Mystery is hands down my favorite boards when it comes to graphics.

This is a true testament that following trends doesn’t always lead to

more success. Mystery has rocked the black and white style for ages

and continues to stay creative and well illustrated in their niche.

I think at the end of the day a design is truly successful if it can hold

its power without the use of color. Props to Mystery for keepin’ it real.