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Dragon and Spy are back at it. The tron’s are back from Spy but 

in a bunch of new colorways and different color frames. Swoop 

the multi colored lenses and you’ll look ready to party for sure. 

Dragons new ones are called Domo’s, they also come in a slue 

of colors. These black ones are nice and clean though, ready for





Circa made a nice debut with these AL50’s. These low top

denim inspired kicks would be clean with some jeans this

summer. These really have a clean cut Vans feel to them, so

if you don’t wanna rock the same Vans everyone else is pushin,

I’d switch it up with these. Hit up their site to check out some

of the other color ways. Dope design by Adrian Lopez, nice

work kid.



This is an older version of the Burton Bullet Snowboard but graphically

I think this one is the sickest. I usually post up newly released clothing

or products but sometimes I feel like its important to pay respect to old

designs that I believe were well executed and successful. Typography is

a huge passion of mine so naturally  I think I am bias towards “type”

driven designs. Even though its kind of old now, I want this board! 

Props to those who have it, good call. Let me know how it rides.



Hyperlite’s new board is ill. Just bring that 80’s funk onto the water and watch

magic happen. Inspired by Nick Davies, Hyperlite’s cable champion, this board

really goes back to what Action Sports is all about, having fun and standing out.

Real nice design, I’m a big fan of just about every effect on this board, and there

are many. (spray paint, drips, paint splatters, stripes, scribbles, graffitti, etc.)

If you haven’t seen cable riding in action check the following video on 

Hyperlite’s site, Nick Davies Clash Board.



When you have a company putting out the quality and style of watches

that Nixon does, it can be intimidating to compete against. One company

that has really risen to the challenge is Vestal.  I’ve got this Plexi watch in

black on black and I’ve gotten way more compliments on it than any of the

Nixon watches I’ve owned over the years. This white on white colorway

would be real nice this summer. Not to mention,  is a

ridiculously well designed website, super flash heavy, but very entertaining.

If anybody knows who contributed to the product design on this piece, I

would love to add their credits. Let me know at


The white dude with the fro is back, getting his paint on as usual. New

Forum boards set to come out in 2010 I believe, feature the old school 

artist that just made everything look so damn easy. Props, this brings 

me back.