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Burton’s got some new tees up, this one is part of their premium tee
range. Apparently these premium tees are made of pima cotton,
which is pretty f’in good cotton. I’m surprised actually because
usually this high of quality gets kind of metroish, but specs anyway.
Graphics are really clean on this one, and a couple others.
Mike Ward had a few nice featured pieces as well, go check em out.
Burton Site




This is an older version of the Burton Bullet Snowboard but graphically

I think this one is the sickest. I usually post up newly released clothing

or products but sometimes I feel like its important to pay respect to old

designs that I believe were well executed and successful. Typography is

a huge passion of mine so naturally  I think I am bias towards “type”

driven designs. Even though its kind of old now, I want this board! 

Props to those who have it, good call. Let me know how it rides.