Damn! Perhaps some of the sickest graphics I’ve seen on a wakeboard in a

long time. Between this and the Hyperlite Clash, I would have to say this one

takes the cake. I’m just going to bow out speechless on this one. This Ronix

masterpiece is called the Arcade by Bill. I don’t know who Bill is, but

apparently he’s doin big things. Keep it up!




This is an older version of the Burton Bullet Snowboard but graphically

I think this one is the sickest. I usually post up newly released clothing

or products but sometimes I feel like its important to pay respect to old

designs that I believe were well executed and successful. Typography is

a huge passion of mine so naturally  I think I am bias towards “type”

driven designs. Even though its kind of old now, I want this board! 

Props to those who have it, good call. Let me know how it rides.



Browsing around the PacSun webstore today I noticed a few new tees from

clothing giants O’Neill and Billabong. As a graphic designer  I can say that

these two companies are a constant source of inspiration for me on so many

levels. From product and apparel design to advertisement and marketing

there is just so much to learn from watching these two great brands.

EldridgeOneEyedJack          MurphyGreetings          GearsBoard       Tyson

Mystery is hands down my favorite boards when it comes to graphics.

This is a true testament that following trends doesn’t always lead to

more success. Mystery has rocked the black and white style for ages

and continues to stay creative and well illustrated in their niche.

I think at the end of the day a design is truly successful if it can hold

its power without the use of color. Props to Mystery for keepin’ it real.



This new design by Maxx 242 is my favorite of the exhibitioners from the 

Back in Black show. For more info on the show and who exhibited check

out There was a ton of talented artists in

the show. Everyone from Hydro74, Godmachine, and even Og Abel

contributed work. But even amongst such a strong cast I think Maxx’s

piece was the dopest. What more can you ask for on a t-shirt, this has

everything and yet fits together so perfect. Nice work Maxx, keep it up.




I never say the word sleek but for some reason it comes to mind when I

see these. I’m not even sure what that word means but thats what these

shorts are, I know it. Lost has been sick for years, since 91 or 93, and

they continue to impress me every season. Boardshort graphics right now

are insanely colorful and funked out, if you need to just keep it real I would

recommend these. If anyone knows the designer behind these shorts hit 

me up at, I’d like to give credit.



Hyperlite’s new board is ill. Just bring that 80’s funk onto the water and watch

magic happen. Inspired by Nick Davies, Hyperlite’s cable champion, this board

really goes back to what Action Sports is all about, having fun and standing out.

Real nice design, I’m a big fan of just about every effect on this board, and there

are many. (spray paint, drips, paint splatters, stripes, scribbles, graffitti, etc.)

If you haven’t seen cable riding in action check the following video on 

Hyperlite’s site, Nick Davies Clash Board.