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Everything about these tees and this collaboration I’m liking. Find out more

here at the Alpine Stars site.


Haha, LRG is not afraid to push the envelope a bit and give featured

artist Pose one from Chicago free reign on this design. According to

LRG these designs are extremely limited so get your hands on one quick

and throw out a big F U to everyone you pass by on the streets.



Browsing around the PacSun webstore today I noticed a few new tees from

clothing giants O’Neill and Billabong. As a graphic designer  I can say that

these two companies are a constant source of inspiration for me on so many

levels. From product and apparel design to advertisement and marketing

there is just so much to learn from watching these two great brands.



This new design by Maxx 242 is my favorite of the exhibitioners from the 

Back in Black show. For more info on the show and who exhibited check

out There was a ton of talented artists in

the show. Everyone from Hydro74, Godmachine, and even Og Abel

contributed work. But even amongst such a strong cast I think Maxx’s

piece was the dopest. What more can you ask for on a t-shirt, this has

everything and yet fits together so perfect. Nice work Maxx, keep it up.



Can’t blame the youth, we didn’t do it. I’m a big fan of artists that

can combine type and imagery together and really make both of them

feel at home. This graphic fits the bill. LRG has been really successful

with their “message” based clothing, must be all that lifted research

they’ve been doing. Not familiar with the artist that  created this one,

if anybody knows the designer  hit me up. Email me at…., thanks.


Metal Mulisha has got to be one of the top brands in the Action

Sports industry when it comes to tattoo and skull style imagery.

They mix it up super nice between hand drawn illustrations and

computer aided designs. One of the more successful companies I

have seen that’s been able to kill it both ways. This one in particular 

caught my eye because the vectors are just sick, and the typography is

real nice too. Props to the artist on this one, if anyone has design

credits for the artists on this tee please hit me up so I can reference.